• Roll Sheet signed
• Course Completion Form Completed
• Power Point Presentation
• Written Test
• Evaluations

The schedule above is normally used for a CSE Course. The power point Presentation covers the following topics: What is a Confined Space, Types of Confined Space, Positions and Duties required at Confined Spaces, Hazards associated with Confined Spaces, Confined Space Permits, Atmosphere Monitoring of Confined Spaces, Ventilation Techniques, Intro to Lock-Out/Tag-Out, Intro to Fall Protection, Intro to Confined Space Rescue.

The exercises may include some of the following activities:
Filling out Confined Space Permit, Using an Air Monitor, Donning Fall Protection Equipment, Setting up Ventilation Equipment.


This class is designed as an 8 Hour class. The cost is $140.00 per person. The minimum number participants for a class are 8 people.


*Special group rates are available. Please contact ESI Supply for more information regarding course training/certifications.