• Roll Sheet signed
• Course Completion Form Completed
• Power Point Presentation
• Written Test
• Outside skills
• Evaluations

The schedule above is normally used for a Fire Extinguisher Course. The power point Presentation covers the following topics:
Fire Triangle
Classes of Fires
Extinguisher Types
Extinguisher Sizes
Extinguisher Ratings
Extinguisher Marking System
Extinguisher Selection Methods
Extinguisher Inspection
Extinguisher Usage
P.A.S.S. System

Outside Skills Session; Students will demonstrate proper extinguisher inspection and usage.

The exercises may include some of the following activities:
Filling out Confined Space Permit, Using an Air Monitor, Donning Fall Protection Equipment, Setting up Ventilation Equipment.

This class is designed as an 6 Hour class. The cost is $100.00 per person. The minimum number participants for a class are 8 people.

*Special group rates are available. Please contact ESI Supply for more information regarding course training/certifications.